Alexa Muss

A devoted family member, protective sister, and a force to be reckoned with, Alexa has had a love of extreme sports since she can remember. But it was at the young age of 12 when she really fell in love with the water and surfing became second nature. At just 18 years old, she is on a mission to be one of the youngest girls to surf the biggest waves in the world! She also recently secured a spot in the U.S. Open of Surfing and a nomination in the New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame.

In 2015, Alexa took a break from the smaller local and regional contests in an effort to focus on training in Costa Rica and Hawaii.  It was then that she had the opportunity to surf Sunset, Waimea Bay, and Pipeline; and experience her first tow in at Phantoms, a big wave of the coast of Hawaii.   With much determination, she reached her goal of surfing a wave over twenty-five feet from the front and fifteen from the back of the wave, and has since starting documenting her journey both in and out of the water to be one of the youngest girls to take on Teahupoo.

A fierce competitor, she spends her off time in the gym training (including MMA) and getting on her snowboard – where she conquers the mountains, much the same way she conquers the waves. Being raised in snow-loving family who spent much of their time in Colorado, Alexa has been snowboarding since age 3 and chasing her brother around the mountain (who has since become an esteemed professional Alpine Snowboarder competing for Team USA).

When she’s not competing or training, she spends much of her time paying it forward.  Passionate about helping children, Alexa often trains others in surfing, and donates the majority of the boards she grows out of to those less fortunate.

In 2017, Alexa intends to step up to the next level of the World Surf League contests and has plans to travel to Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Barbados, Australia, Europe, Bali and Tahiti to train and compete.  Her ultimate goal: to charge big waves all around the world, while being grateful for all those amazing places, cultures and people she meets along the way.


  • 2015 & 2016 Under 16 North East Champion - Eastern Surf Association
  • 2016 Under 18 North East Champion - Eastern Surf Association
  • 2016 U19 ECSC National Championships - 2nd place
  • 2016 - 4th Belmar Pro - Open Woman
  • 2016 US Open of Surfing - 21st Overall
  • 2015 16th at Volcom VSQ Worlds
  • 2016 Nominated for the NJ Surfing Hall of Fame
  • 2016 Eastern Surf Association All Star Team Member
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